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Envelope Printing

Envelope printing can be a costly affair – not at Hot Metal Press!

We have a fully automatic Litho Envelope Press. This press runs at high speeds enabling us to quote competitive prices whilst maintaining high quality and quick turnround.

Envelope Printing Prices

Overprinted on your D/L envelope stock





+£10 for Coloured Ink Instead of Black

Prices are for overprinting on your envelopes.

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Raffle Ticket Printing

Raffle_ticket_printing_exampleRaffle Tickets Printed and Designed by Hot Metal Press. We’ve printed literally millions of raffle tickets produced extremely competitively on white or coloured paper.

 Ticket design can be either:

  1. Originated by us incorporating numerous standard logos or your own logo.
  2. Supplied by you as hard copy,

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Hot Foil Blocking

Hot Foiled LogoHot Foil Blocked Logo printed by Hot Metal Press. Put a little sparkle in your printing.

We can Hot Foil many jobs and sizes, from your standard business card right up to A3 brochures and folders using either Hand Foiling Machines or a fully automated Heidelberg GTP Platen.

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General Stationery

Here at Hot Metal Press we can produce the best quality Stationery at very competitive Prices.

We can work from either your designs or one of our staff can create a one off design to your satisfaction.

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