A Classic Card

The making of a classic card…

So, we’ve been re-printing our business cards here at Hot Metal Press and thought we’d give some insight into the processes used.

The initial design concept was created by Geoff Willis back in the working museum days. He initially printed them in 1995 on a TC Thompson Platen (made in Manchester), printing the HMP logo using Vintage Stephenson Blake two colour Handset Type and Blind Embossing the 1900 Wharfedale Cylinder Press. Further down the line, in 2005, we had a re-design and due to the newly acquired Heidelberg GTP Foiling Platen, we decided to foil the ‘HMP’ logo in two spot foils!

Now we’ve tweaked it again, and gone all out!

We’ve changed the logo slightly to pick out the HMP gold text to have an Embossed Sandgrain Microtexture inlay, the reason being so that the gold looks gold no matter what angle you catch the light.

And bringing the card right up-to date we’ve added a QR code to help drive potential clients and make it easier for people to get to our website.

These cards have gone through many processes. Firstly printed lithographically, two sides using black and rhodamine red ink on a matt board. Secondly the Magenta Foil is laid down, then, thirdly, the Gold Foil with Embossed Sandgrain Microtexture is positioned within it. Finally a 1900 Wharfedale Cylinder Press is Blind Embossed on the front cover.

The very last job in the finishing department is to score, trim and pack the cards for later use.


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