Entrance Tickets

TicketsEntrance tickets are one of our specialities, If you’re a clubnight, local band, or stadium filling festival, we’ve got you covered.

Ticket designs can be either:

Originated by us incorporating your own logos or images.
Supplied by you as hard copy, film (negative or positive), or digital file (pc or mac), see below for layouts and file formats

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*Proofs supplied at no extra cost*
*Stapled in books of any amount*

Ticket Types


Two sizes available, sold in books of 50 or 100, printed on 120g bond paper, perforated stub and sequentially numbered.

Security Tickets


Printed on ultra secure ticket stock with Thermochromic and UV Inks, perforated and sequentially numbered, printed in BLACK only on a choice of colours.

Executive Plus

As Executive with the addition of a METALLIC HOT FOIL security die for belts and braces security.

Executive Colour

As Executive but with FULL COLOUR print.

Colour Choices for Security Tickets.

The colours below represent the available paper colours we normally print our executive and executive plus tickets onto, you may want to choose a colour for each day of your event!

They are NOT EXACT and should be used as a GUIDE ONLY.

This is due to the variance in monitors and visual displays rather than any variance in the paper.

Warm Red

Please use this TICKET INFORMATION FORM along with ordering your tickets online in order to ensure we get all the info we need for your tickets.

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