Envelope Printing

Envelope printing can be a costly affair – not at Hot Metal Press!

We have a fully automatic Litho Envelope Press. This press runs at high speeds enabling us to quote competitive prices whilst maintaining high quality and quick turnround.

Envelope Printing Prices

Overprinted on your D/L envelope stock

Quantity Price Quantity Price
1,000 £17.40 10,000 £76.80
2,000 £24 15,000 £109.80
5,000 £43.80 20,000 £142.80

+£10 for Coloured Ink Instead of Black

Prices are for overprinting on your envelopes. Please call Geoff or Steve for prices on our envelope stock or for prices for overprinting C5 & C4 stock.

Envelopes too small to print offset litho can be printed by our letterpress department using type, magnesium or photopolymer plates.

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