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Whether you’re creating a catalogue or making a manual for a complex product, our booklet guide will help you find the perfect fit for your next project and impress from start to finish.

Case Bound / Hard Backed
Durable and classy, “bound” to make an impression.

  • ■ Coffee Table / Picture Books
  • ■ Premium Novels & Story Books
  • ■ Cookbooks & Fact Books
  • ■ Many size options available
  • ■ 40 pages minimum

Wiro Bound
Easy reading with the ability to lay-flat.

  • ■ Recipe Books
  • ■ Notebooks
  • ■ Manuals
  • ■ Many size options available
  • ■ No real minimum page limit

Perfect Bound
Tough adhesive a premium, professional finish that is built to last.

  • ■ High End Magazines
  • ■ Product Catalogues
  • ■ Annual Reports
  • ■ Novels & Fiction
  • ■ Biographies
  • ■ Many size options available
  • ■ 40 pages minimum

Saddle Stitched
The most affordable booklet with flexible options.

  • ■ Newsletters
  • ■ Company & Parish Magazines
  • ■ Tourism Brochures
  • ■ Many size options available
  • ■ 8 pages minimum, pages must be in multiples of 4

Stocks and Finishes
We can provide a large range of stocks (papers, cards & boards) straight off the shelf or we can go fully bespoke and select from a huge range of different suppliers such as GF SMITH, Antalis or Fedrigoni.
Lamination can provide a more durable mat finish and/or a luxurious glossy feel.
UV or Foiling effects are also an option and can give your project a really high class finish.
Talk to us to find out how we can help you realise the book project you’ve always wanted!

Page Numbers
It can be a bit tricky getting the number of pages, and indeed, page numbers (different things!) *just so*, and when calculating the cost of books, this is a key factor. To help make this process clearer, we’ve created a page about the difference between sides, pages & leaves.

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