NCR / Carbonless

What is NCR ?

“No Carbon Required” – NCR, or “Carbonless Copy / Carbonless” paper is the modern way of creating duplicate copies of the written business information that you need to keep.

How does it work?

It is a type of coated paper designed to transfer information written on the front sheet onto the sheets beneath without the use of any electronics or inserted sheet.
Carbonless has micro-encapsulated ink on the reverese side of the top sheet and a clay coating on the front side of the bottom sheet.
When pressure is applied from the writing instrument, the capsules break and release their ink.
The ink reacts with the clay to form a permanent mark duplicating the markings made to the top sheet.
Intermediary sheets, with clay on the front and dye capsules on the back, are used to create multiple copies. Since the capsules are so small, the resulting print is very accurate.

NCR Paper is usually supplied in Sets, Pads or Books and can be printed in Black, One Single Spot Colour or Black plus one Single Spot Colour, at A6, A5 or A4 sizes.

NCR can be numbered so that each set has a unique sequential reference number.

Fully bespoke NCR/Carbonless is available, this can be at any size, and any number of colours right up to Full Colour – Please contact us for more details.

NCR Sets

NCR Paper is available in 2-part, 3-part and 4-part sets, perfect for receipts, delivery notes and invoices. Printed digitally in full colour and glued along the top for fuss-free completion in the office or on the road.

NCR Pads

Our custom NCR Pads are comprised of 50 sets of paper, with a choice of 4-part, 3-part or 2-part NCR pads, glued along the top with a cardboard backing and available with or without black numbering – ideal for use on the road. Add your branding for a customised duplicate pad.

NCR Books

NCR Books make for ideal personalised invoice books or receipt books. Containing 50 sets of paper (numbered or un-numbered), a cover and cardboard backing stitched along the left-hand side to create a sturdy 4, 3 or 2 part invoice book that can be used time and again.

Artwork Guidelines

Please note that NCR books have a safe zone of 10mm and have a perforated edge, making the printable area smaller than the ordered size.

If you would like numbering: Please supply two files, one for print and one showing the numbering position as a guide. Please note: We will always print from the start number that you enter when placing your order. Please ensure you enter the number required. Any numbering on your artwork / positioning guide is used for position only.

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